Bank or Dealership: What’s the Best Place to Get Auto Financing?

woman looks at finance documents

Those who have never financed a new car purchase may not know that some dealerships offer new-car financing, which raises the question: Where is the best place to get a car loan? If you’re wondering where to get a car loan, you’ve come to the right place! Discuss your options with the Allen Samuels Direct finance center.



Car Loan Shopping

Looking to apply for a used car loan? You have two options when shopping for a loan:

  • The dealership where you’re purchasing your vehicle
  • Your bank, where you inevitably have a history

Is one better than the other? Not inherently. Both bank loans and dealership auto loans have their own benefits. Ultimately, your specific situation will decide which is best once you decide to apply for a loan on your next vehicle.

Car Loans From a Dealership

Looking for a used vehicle near Grapevine and like what you see in the Allen Samuels Direct inventory? You’re in luck, we offer in-house financing, and getting an auto loan from a dealership has several benefits.

Dealership Auto Loan Benefits

  • If you’re working with a finance center at a dealership, they can walk you through the intricacies of buying vs. leasing a vehicle. That way, you’ll know which is right for you!
  • Dealerships often work with several lenders to ensure customers get the best rates possible.
  • In fact, since multiple lenders are involved, the competition for your business can lead to better loan terms.
  • It’s easy to apply online with dealerships.
  • Dealerships will often work with customers with bad or no credit.
  • Dealers are in a unique position to offer financing incentives.
  • You can negotiate your down payment with a dealership.

Car Loans From Your Bank

Pursuing an auto loan offer from your Ft Worth bank? That’s a good idea! With that said, speaking with your dealership before applying at your bank is ideal, since dealerships have access to multiple financing partners. This will ensure you truly shop around for the best auto loan rates possible. Plus, if you have less-than-perfect credit, you will have a harder time getting a loan with a bank. There are still benefits to buying a car with a loan from your bank.

Bank Auto Loan Benefits

  • You have a pre-existing relationship with your bank
  • There are often set interest rates
  • You may be able to set a flexible payment schedule


Discuss Your Financing Options at Allen Samuels Direct

When you buy a new car, you’ll also want to consider additional insurance to cover any unexpected expenses. Learn about Gap Insurance with Allen Samuels Direct to see how it can benefit you! If it’s time for a new-to-you car, truck, or SUV, view our used vehicle inventory. Once you know what you want, contact the finance center at Allen Samuels Direct near Irving to determine the best financing options for your budget.